Neil McGinness, Weekly World News

Scribner, $15.00, 211 pages

You may have seen the tabloid article that first showed Bat Boy’s photograph. Now Dr. Barry Lead, Neil McGuinness, and the editors of Weekly World News reveal the faux-tastic story behind this international half-boy/half-bat phenomenon in Going Mutant: The Bat Boy Exposed.

The book contains never before seen classified files, Bat Boy’s personal mementos, writings, art collections, recordings, space photos, and Facebook updates (Bat Boy is so hungry he’s foaming at the mouth. Oh wait, that’s the rabies). Here are some little known facts about Bat Boy: after being knighted by Queen Elizabeth, he tried out for American Idol (if you liked William Hung, you’ll love The Bat!); the use of his sonar capabilities led U.S. troops to Saddam’s hideout; he loves Count Chocula cereal; his favorite TV shows include BATtlestar Galactica, BATman, BATlock, and Little Bat House on the Prairie. The book’s out of this world information is presented using articles, letters, photos, journal entries, and even Bat Boy’s family tree. If you like spoofs and mockumentaries, you’ll love this humorous book. Going Mutant takes one tabloid story and creates an entire cultural pro-bat movement.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin