By Christopher Conlon, $15.99, 351 pages

10“This doesn’t mark the end of my Mathesonian journey, not by a long shot.” – Intro: Christopher Conlon, 2008

He is Legend is a fitting tribute to one of the most successful and influential writers of American dark tales. Richard Matheson wrote in all genres including mystery, crime, horror, fantasy, and science fiction. He was one of the leading writers for the Twilight Zone and authored a number of famous movies as well, including The Incredible Shrinking Man, Hell House, I Am Legend, etc…. He is Legend is a testament to his skill, and his influential and sometimes famous fandom. Many of which could tell these tales because they have not left his territory.

One will find here an assortment of talented writers who also specialize in the “creepy” tale in this anthology. Many have carried on the torch here including Stephen King, Joe Hill, Whitley Strieber, Nancy Collins, son Richard Christian Matheson, and many others. Not a lot of science fiction here, but one will think of the good horror they have read, the Twilight Zone, and the strange side of life. It is worthwhile to dip back into the original writings of Matheson to have a greater appreciation for the stories collected in the book, but not always necessary. The problem with the book is also a key to its success. One may not feel fully satisfied with the anthology when it reaches an end, and they want more. After reading this one, you will be especially prepared Autumn season.

Reviewed by Ryder Miller