Edited by Don Steinberg, Quirk Books, $9.95, 144 pages

10Most little black books are known for containing phone numbers for potential dates. This little black book is full of jokes you can tell to impress your dates. Don Steinberg has collected over one hundred funny jokes in Jokes Every Man Should Know. Have you heard the one about the tourist who gets lost in the Sahara Desert? How about the one where a snail knocks on the door? Read this book to learn the punch lines. These gags are the best of the best and will tickle your funny bone. Steinberg has included tips in case you are not certain about delivery. Tip #2 suggests you should always know your audience. Most of the jokes are not suited for children. But there is a small section of kid-appropriate jokes. According to Steinberg, there is only one truly funny knock-knock joke and it happens to be for kids. When applicable, he offers alternate endings and original material. Another of the author’s tips is that you should memorize your jokes. But just in case you need a refresher, this compilation is pocket size.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin