By Stanley Harris, ebook

One might expect Lucifer’s lessons to be full of pro-evil propaganda and vitriol. On the contrary, his guide to life is designed to help people reach their full potential and get everything they can out of life. This might be surprising considering the source, but according to Lucifer, the image that most people have of him is a skewed misunderstanding of his relationship with God. Unlike the popular view of Satan as a fallen angel, he and God actually get along and Lucifer is really more of a messenger for God than a fallen angel at complete odds with him. Currently, God is annoyed with the human race and is considering writing the earth off as a failed experiment. Lucifer, who likes many things on earth (Disneyland being a favorite), has decided to impart his wisdom to humans to improve their lot and hopefully lead lives that have more personal gain and satisfaction than ever before.

Channeling his thoughts through author Stanley Harris and bringing in occasional pinch hitter and ghost Sam Clemens, Lucifer gives the human race his thoughts and directions on everything from his general thoughts on humanity to witchcraft for daily use (helpful for work and for home). Particularly amusing highlights are his views on marriage (he recommends incorporation versus marriage as couples can then write more off their taxes), children (who, to learn the importance of money, should play with bankbooks and wallets instead of toys), and becoming a better criminal (criminals are valuable assets and support a huge job industry in the justice system).

Stanley Harris, in channeling these life lessons from the wise, has created a hilarious, sometimes surprisingly thought provoking book that is delightful and will bring a smile to the face of the reader (and sometimes also bring strange looks from co-workers and spouses). He uses a deft hand to navigate the various topics of discussion and strikes a pleasant balance between funny and serious and does a nice job in making the thoughts seem as if they are coming from a separate entity. Fans of humorous satire will particularly enjoy this Guide to Life.

Reviewed by Barbara Cothern