By Jason Little, Dark Horse Books, $19.99, 205 pages

10When eighteen-year-old Bee embarks on a cross-country bicycle trip, she has no idea what adventures await her. On only her second day on the road, she gets into an accident that forces her to stop her ride and check in to a local motel. So begins Motel Art Improvement Service by Jason Little. This is Bee’s second comic book appearance. She can also be found in the award-winning Shutterbug Follies.

Because of her accident, Bee is stuck at the motel for awhile. She meets Cyrus, an art school graduate turned motel housekeeper. During his free time he swaps out the tacky artwork hanging in every room and paints in his own flair. To a still life he adds some modern updates (remote control and a fast food container) and a beach scene gets a nude sunbather. The modified painting is then hung back up. Bee finds Cyrus fascinating, but what will happen when they get involved in a drug deal gone horribly wrong? The book is for adult audiences due to sexual situations. Jason Little’s illustrations are bright and quirky. You’ll be reminded of the clean, crisp lines and colors found in the Sunday comics.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin