By Michele Bardsley, Signet Eclipse, $7.99, 290 pages

10The first book in Michele Bardsley’s new paranormal romance series, Never Again introduces the town of Nevermore and a world where witches and wizards live alongside humans. Furthermore, in Bardsley’s world, humans are aware of and work with the magical beings who share their world. A page turner to the last sentence, the reader will find themselves thoroughly engrossed in the budding romance between Lucy, a cursed witch and her sister’s ex husband Gray, protector of the town of Nevermore. With modern language and nods to pop culture of today, this novel is the perfect marriage of paranormal romance and modern times. (This writer was especially pleased by the introduction of a character quite a bit like Sue Sylvester from the hit television series Glee, track-suit and all.) The novel was carried mainly by the two main characters, though damaged by circumstances beyond their control, still had plenty of goodness in them, with little deviation into the side story. Despite the extremely dark subjects this novel touched upon, the sexual tension kept this novel a completely satisfying read. It is clear that we haven’t seen the last of the town of Nevermore yet.

Reviewed by Rachelle Barrett