By Kevin David Anderson & Sam Stall, Quirk Books, $14.95, 253 pages

10“Suddenly the growth popped open, revealing a glaring, fully developed eye. It peered directly at him.”

Jim Pike used to love Star Trek. But after serving two terms in Afghanistan, he finds it hard to get excited about anything. He does his best as assistant manager of a small hotel. This year the Botany Bay Hotel and Conference Center is hosting GulfCon, the largest Trekkie convention in the South. When his sister Rayna shows up in an RV decorated like the USS Enterprise, Jim knows he is in for a wild weekend. Night of the Living Trekkies is a hilarious parody of science fiction and zombie genres. Fans will enjoy the countless references to Star Trek. Just when you think you’ve met the biggest Trekkie in the book, authors Kevin David Anderson and Sam Stall introduce an even bigger Star Trek fan. Something is not quite right with the guests. A strange virus is spreading among the Klingons, Vulcans, and Ferengi. Nobody is immune to the illness. Jim will soon find out that this isn’t just a nasty flu. The virus is turning guests into flesh eating zombies. It’s up to Jim to rescue his sister and the other Trekkies and lead them to safety.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin