By Gena Showalter, Shannon K. Butcher, Jessica Andersen, Deidre Knight, Signet, $7.99, 438 pages

10On the Hunt is an anthology of 4 short stories from some of today’s top paranormal romance writers. Each story delves into the world of demons, vampires and other supernatural creatures, weaving a tale of suspense and intrigue while staying firmly in the realm of romance with sexy hot love scenes and heartrending desire.

In Showalter’s Ever Night a young woman finds herself ripped from the world she knows and dumped into a world of darkness and fear each year on her birthday. Only with the help of a gorgeous stranger does she manage to survive and ultimately flourish in the hell dimension.

True to form Showalter has again created a masterpiece. Her characters are genuine, the story is unique and the scenes are hot. This is one you will want to read over and over. Butcher, Andersen, and Knight’s contributions are all smaller stories each form a larger series (Sentinel Wars, Nightkeeper, and Gods of Midnight respectively). If you are an avid reader of any of these series you will not be disappointed, but if you are not familiar with the series you may feel a little lost at first. While Showalter’s Ever Night was definitely the jewel in this crown all the stories are worth a read.

Reviewed by Rebecca Feuerbacher