By Richard Matheson, $24.99, 312 pages

10“Their reals are Neverland, Eden, Emhain, Middle Earth, and much more.”

Other Kingdoms by Richard Matheson is a fantasy novel that borders on erotic for brief moments. The story is set during World War I and consists of the bizarre adventure of 18 year old Alex White as he is seduced by a witch but falls in love with a fairy. Needless to say the witch does not take that well and chaos ensues.

Matheson is a master at word play and the sentence structure has an almost lyrical quality. The main character is a novelist who is reflecting back on this particular point in his life. He also has an alter ego in the form of his pen name, Arthur Black. Throughout the story there is a brilliant internal dialogue between Alex White and Arthur Black. There are also asides aimed directly at the reader.

This reviewer found the novel to have vivid imagery, but the plot starts slow and takes its time developing. At the beginning of the book, this reviewer experienced confusion over who was telling the story. However, by chapter two it was clear who the main character was and who Black was. While this novel will not appeal to all, it is a delightful literary romp with exquisite voice.

Reviewed by Jina Oravetz