By Brian G. Carabet & John A. Shand, Panache Partners, $40.00, 320 pages

10“The owners and architects’ vision becomes a true reality through the performance of expert craftmen and skilled management.” Michael Bellan

Gorgeous, sparkling, intimate coffee table book highlighting beautifully-designed homes specifically for our picturesque Pacific Northwest is the theme of Perspectives on Design: Pacific Northwest. Authored by the leading professionals in Oregon and Washington, it is geared towards the lifestyles we all enjoy; big picture windows throughout the homes with artful mosaics, dreamlike natural settings and landscapes that are indigenous of the outdoors we all dream of and love. Both indoor design and outdoor construction, the lines are distinctive, artful and strategic. Perspectives on Design: Pacific Northwest holds a much higher caliber of expertise and native creations allowing the readers to hear and see the thoughts and ambitious endeavors of professionals in their respective fields; architects, landscapers, homebuilders, interior designers and craftsmen. Unique metalwork, stones, fixtures and entranceways creates a striking compilation of work in this book.

Anything is possible and your imagination will run away with you as you thumb through picture after picture of dream homes, cottages and castle-like homes in forest settings. While not every design is to everyone’s liking, there is more than enough variations to satisfy even the multifarious of tastes.

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson,