By Sarah Stephens, Art Baltazar, Illustrator, Picture Window Books, $16.99, 60 pages

10Ace the Bat-Hound is on the case when sardines mysteriously disappear from the Gotham City Marina. Yes, that Gotham City. DC Super-Pets comics are set in the same world of Superman that adults know and love. In Sarah Hines Stephens’ book Pooches of Power! Superman and his Super-Pet Ace team up with Krypto the Super-Dog to help solve the case of missing sardines. Who is to blame? Could it be Batman’s enemy, the Penguin and his evil birds Waddles, Griff, and Artie Puffin? These fowl felons don’t know what they’re up against when Ace and Krypto work together to fight crime. Art Baltazar, the illustrator, is famous in the comic world and he has done another fantastic job by giving these powerful pooches character and pizzazz. The book features a chart in the back called Know Your Super-Pets. The head of each Hero pet and Villain pet is included. Parents, you’ll enjoy sharing this book with your kids. Read it aloud together and they’ll have fun yelling out the KA-BOOMS and FWOOMS as the super heroes take on the villains.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin