By John Sazaklis, Art Baltazar, Illustrator, Picture Window Books, $16.99, 60 pages

10If characters like Streaky the Super-Cat, Rozz the Evil Siamese, and Catwoman sound interesting to you, then you’ll love John Sazaklis’ book Royal Rodent Rescue from the DC Super-Pets series. Meet Streaky, one cool Super-Cat complete with x-ray vision, super breath, and a red cape that allows him to fly. Rozz, a Siamese feline owned by evil villain Catwoman, wants to become a cat burglar by kidnapping the royal hamster, Prince Zouli. Streaky must save the day. Is that a chunk of kryptonite in Rozz’s collar? Look out Streaky! Each DC Super-Pets book has a page of jokes that correspond to the theme of the story. Sazaklis’ book features cat jokes. Why did the cat get a computer? So he could have his very own mouse! What do cats eat for breakfast? Mice Crispies! Do you know why cats aren’t good storytellers? They only have one tail!

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin