By Megan Hart, Berkley Publishing Group, $15.00, 307 pages

10In the most recent of Megan Hart’s Order of Solace collection we meet Annalise, a formerly wealthy young woman who finds herself in the predicament of having a betrothed she does not want. What is a woman to do but join the local convent (or in this case Temple) in order to escape the match.

Selfish is the Heart had promise. Though the plot description was not entirely original the creation of a wholly new and unique religion was interesting. So great was the enthusiasm for this book that even though the beginning dragged there was fervent hope the story would eventually get going. While the story did pick up it never really reached the level of “good” one would hope for. There were several decent erotic scenes but in the end this reviewer was sadly disappointed. The story took way too long to get underway and then stalled out at the end. The few interesting characters seem to fall away and you are left with a hero and heroine that you’re not sure you even like. Most upsetting is the ending, where nothing is resolved. All in all this book was a true disappointment.

Reviewed by Rebecca Feuerbacher