By Derald Hamilton, D. Hamilton Books, $12.95, 348 pages

10The Call by Derald Hamilton offers unexpected revelations. The story begins chronicling the life of the protagonist, Ishmael. This reviewer quickly became empathetic with Ishmael and hopeful that his future would be brighter than the present the story begins with. He has a cold and demanding father that saturates his home life with military precision. The author slips in the interesting fact that Ishmael was a twin, and on his twin Isaac’s death, Isaac’s soul enters Ishmael. The author does this in a manner that is quiet and unsung, but this fact plays an intricate role in the character’s development and the plot itself.

I expected the remainder of the novel to revolve around the duel soul concept; however, the prose took Ishmael to seminary school. The plot evolves as his life does with the rather unique experiences he endures during three years of seminary. The reader is also given Ishmael’s fellow seminary students to learn about and watch develop. The clashing of personalities on top of the academic and spiritual vigor is fascinating. The author handles this interplay in a believably human manner. Readers will be intrigued by the obstacles that continue to plague Ishmael as well as the random mention of his duel soul.

While this novel’s pacing slows down at multiple points after the protagonist enters seminary school, readers will still feel compelled to continue reading due to a vested interest in the character and the desire to see him succeed.

The end of the novel appears to bring incredible revelation for Ishmael through the relationship that he develops with a dog. This relationship brings him the peace that he thought seminary school would provide. The end of the novel was well written and pulled the plot together in a manner that leaves readers feeling satisfied as well as looking inward for their own spiritual insight.

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