By Natalie McNeal

Harlequin, $14.95, 192 pages

It’s time for me to admit the truth. I am a spender. I love to go out and buy new things, even when I know I don’t need them. After reading The Frugalista Files, by Natalie McNeal, I know I am not alone. It starts when McNeal opens her bills in January and finds she has a LOT of debt. She decides to make a promise to be more thoughtful with her spending so she can save and work to put an end to her financial troubles. The book chronicles her journey from spending to saving and her thoughts throughout the entire process. McNeal is easy to relate to and her witty style will have you laughing out loud throughout the book! This book is definitely not meant to be a financial guide but really does an amazing job of detailing the struggles of a young woman working her way out of debt. As someone in a similar position I found her tips to be practical and easy to apply in my busy life. If you are looking to make a financial change and want a positive book to show you it is possible then The Frugalista Files is definitely the way to go.

Reviewed by Nicole Will