Edited by Jeffrey S. Cramer, $19.95, 475 pages

10“With the possible exception of Emerson, it is hard to name any American writer more quotable than Thoreau. This is a book that his many readers and admirers will want to read, browse, and return to.” William E. Cain, Wellesley College

Brilliantly compiled, timeless quotes from Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862) by Jeffrey S. Cramer is a pocket-sized masterpiece of treasures from a man who influenced predominant figures in politics, environmentalists, spiritualists and poets, to name a few.

Referencing specific quotes or just looking for inspiration is easy with this book given that it is broken down into four sections. A detailed account of Thoreau’s life and achievements fill the Introduction setting the stage for Thoreau as he describes himself in his own notorious quotes. The majority of the book is his words of wisdom categorized by topic such as; Charity, Dress, Farmers, and Success – over one hundred different topics. The man had an opinion on everything but not the same opinion every time. The book comes to a close with two more rapt chapters; Thoreau Describes His Contemporaries and Thoreau Described By His Contemporaries.

Thoreau’s audacious life and pugnacious attitude towards life continues to fascinate people nearly 150 years after his passing. Not merely inspiring, this reference book will make for a handy, enlightening read for anyone wanting to know the man, the sometimes floppy mind and the staunch philosophies of his era.

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson,