By Anne Bishop, $25.95, 448 pages

10For fans of Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels novels, this book is like continuing a conversation with an old friend. In the four mini novellas that encompass this book, it is assumed that fans know the world they are stepping into and the back stories of its characters. The first story picks up with a corny family holiday gathering of the main characters that have become so beloved in the previous novels. The second story (and they should be read in order as they are chronologically organized) has a bit more of the intensity Bishop has become acclaimed for, as it follows Lucivar into a gory battle that forever changes him. This story also begins the healing process for Surreal and Ranier who were damaged by events previous to this novel. The third builds the intensity by following the family as they work together to take down a despicable un-dead child mutilator. Also in this story, Saetan at last agrees to marry. Finally in the fourth, a conclusion to the entire series as satisfying as it is unexpected.

A bit tamer than her earlier novels, Twilight’s Dawn becomes a lighthearted romp with Bishop’s humorous, dark, and powerful characters. Any lingering questions from the series are answered. With her stock witty language and complex relationships, Bishop delivers in this dazzlingly uplifting conclusion. The pacing is not weighed down by lengthy catch up of back story so newcomers to the series should start with Daughter of the Blood and wait on this particular novel.

Reviewed by Rachelle Barrett