By Jennifer Wright Knust, Kids Can Press, $25.99, 343 pages

10The Bible is a collection of interesting contradictions, especially when it comes to intimate relations. Unprotected Texts seeks to help readers untangle the many twisted knots in an effort to determine exactly what it says about sex. Knust delves into the Bible seeking to uncover where the contradictions lie and to untie as many of those knots as she can. It is a fascinating exploration of the subject that seems to be the most controversial in a world where it seems that religion is often seen as a stodgy older aunt trying to prevent two kids from having fun.

Interestingly, her exploration of the Bible shows that love is not always meant to be clean, and that even the writers had problems finding the line between relationships. She shows that love has never had a straight path running from the passion of the Old Testament to the wet blanket of the New. Although it does drag every so often, the book is well-researched and is not for those looking for titillation. It offers some interesting discussion for those interested in exploring their relationship vis-a-vis God, as well as those that think that the Bible really is that stodgy.

Reviewed by Jamais Jochim