By Mike Sacks, $13.95, 264 pages

10If you have ever wondered whether your college is prestigious, consider this…if orientation includes chemical delousing, there is a minor in “Winning Radio Contests” or the marching band only uses handclaps, you can safely say your college is not prestigious. You’ll find this information and much more in Mike Sacks book Your Wildest Dreams Within Reason.

This collection of comedic pieces will have you laughing or groaning. The jokes can be off color; this book is for adult audiences. Sacks has worked with comedians including David Sedaris, Jack Handey and many of Saturday Night Live’s writers. If you like sketch show comedies, you’ll enjoy this book. One of the stand out essays is “The Rejection of Anne Frank” in which a publisher denies Frank’s piece because the diary trails off at the end. Sacks is sarcastic in his writing. His pieces often consist of one-liners. “Icebreakers to Avoid” suggests skipping certain ways to start conversations (“What is your all-time favorite coupon?” is just one line to avoid). If this is your type of humor, you’ll be laughing out loud while you read.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin