by Sandra Boynton

Workman, $15,95, 89 pages

You may be familiar with her greeting cards (she has designed over 4,000). Or you may have heard her album of chants in pig Latin. Most would recognize Sandra Boynton’s work when they see comic barnyard animals doing crazy things. You’ll see plenty of that in her newest book Amazing Cows.

As the cover says, the book is filled with two cow stories, three cow poems, eleven or so cow jokes, one cow myth, one cow comic book, lots of hidden cows, and way too many unexplained chickens! Question: How do cows pay for things? Answer: With MOOlah! Learn how to speak cow. Hello = Moo! How are you? = Moo? Did you know the best look for a cow this season is a Herve Moo 24-carat necklace for the ladies and brass nose rings for the men?

Adults and children will get a kick out of this udderly hilarious book. The illustrations are fantastic. Boynton was recently awarded a lifetime achievement award by The National Cartoonists Society. For those of you who enjoy her chickens, do not fear. The Amazing Cow book features her lovable chicken and pigs as well. Stay tuned for what’s next…ducks!

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin