By M.J. Putney, St. Martin’s Griffin, $9.99, 306 pages

10MJ Putney’s debut tells the story of Tory, the youngest daughter of an Earl who is sent away to Lackland Abbey when it’s discovered that she has magic. At first eager to get rid of her powers, Tory soon discovers that she can use her magic abilities to help her country – not only in her time, but in others as well.

The combination of a historical fiction novel with magic elements, time travel in Dark Mirror and a touch of romance really won me over from the very beginning. From the start, Tory is a character that you grow fond of almost instantly. As she grows, my respect for her grew as well. She and the other characters were all unique, yet similar in their cause, and their bravery made for an action-driven plot that just kept giving until the very end.

Dark Mirror is a recommended read for all Young Adult fans. It contains elements that will appeal to any audience that is looking for a well-written novel.

Reviewed by Missy Wadkins