by Jordan Sonnenblick

Square Fish, $6.99, 168 pages

After finishing this book, don’t be surprised if your children want to run for student council. They may even pick up a few campaign tips in Dodger for President. Willie Ryan returns to narrate this funny story about a boy and his best friend. In case you missed Book 1 of the trilogy, Dodger is a blue chimp who used to be part of a circus. Now he is Willie’s secret friend. Dodger is still determined to help Willie become popular. He signs Willie up to run for class president. Even though Lizzie agrees to be his vice presidential running mate, Willie is very nervous. To make matters worse, their opponents are James and Craig. James is the most popular guy in fifth grade and Craig is the toughest bully. Lizzie and Willie can’t strategize because Willie’s little sister Amy is snooping. It is hard to keep Dodger a secret when he leaves blue hair and bananas all over the house. Kids will enjoy Dodger’s latest antics and get plenty of laughs. Author Jordan Sonnenblick’s sense of humor shines through in this chapter book. Be sure to read the interview with him at the end of the book.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin