by Jordan Sonnenblick

Feiwel and Friends, $16.99, 176 pages

Kids who loved Dodger and Me and Dodger for President won’t want to miss the finale of the trilogy. Author Jordan Sonnenblick has returned to draw his tale of fun and friends to an end. In Dodger for Sale, Willie, Lizzie, Amy, James, Craig, and Dodger must work together to save the magical Field of Dreams. The Field is home to both Dodger and other creatures such as leprechauns. Willie’s little sister Amy is just as nosey as ever. When she gets out her Sherlock Holmes tools (a magnifying glass and checkered hat with earflaps) Willie and best friend Lizzie know she wants to be involved. When she becomes too involved, she is kidnapped by the leprechauns. Will the fifth graders be able to work as a group to protect Amy and the Field? Sonnenblick’s work is appropriate for young readers who enjoy chapter books. The dialogue between characters is witty and fast-paced. Topics include homework, sports, student council, bullies, and environmentalism. Kids will be inspired to make a difference in their communities. Find out what happens when 5th graders work together.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin