by David Milgrim

Cartwheel Books, $8.99, 28 pages

Make bed. Jump on bed. Make bed again. Don’t dilly. Don’t dally. Sneak cookie. Put cookie back. Sneak brownie. These are examples of the To-Do lists Eddie likes to create. He is a silly boy and he loves doing silly things. When his first day of school arrives, it is time for a school To-Do list. Author David Milgrim’s book Eddie Gets Ready for School is one young boy’s checklist for getting himself ready. As Eddie fixes himself a healthy cereal breakfast, he checks off “feed the dog” by slipping the hungry canine some cereal too! For Eddie, getting dressed means toting a sword and wearing an underwear helmet. Will Mother let him out of the house dressed like a knight? Does he have time to watch cartoons and drink root beer before the bus comes? Use this book to help young children brainstorm what they will need to do to prepare for the first day of school. Are there things they can do by themselves? What will they put in their backpacks? The comic style illustrations are a hoot and help give Eddie his feisty personality. Put “buy this book” on your To-Do list right away!

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin