By Jonathan Strahan, Editor, Solaris, $7.99, 400 pages

10A sense of discovery is one of the key elements in great science fiction. In Engineering Infinity, editor Jonathan Strahan has compiled works that touch on the theme of discovery. Specifically, Strahan has chosen stories that combine a practical application of science and something that evokes our sense of wonder. He hopes that by the time you finish reading the stories, you’ll be excited about discovering more, whether in the form of a book or researching info about the science fiction genre.

A story that will certainly have you wondering is Mantis by Robert Reed. This is a classic example of the theme of wonder and discovery. It is a work in almost every scene. As two exercisers in a gym work out, they watch an Artificial Intelligence broadcast of people walking on a city street in some area of this world or another planet. The two groups can see each other but only one group is real. This story will have you wondering: Who is human and who is the cannibalistic zombie cyborg? The depth and breadth of the anthology is vast. Strahan’s choices are excellent. Have fun reading the very best of what science fiction has to offer.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin