By David Lubar, Tor, $5.99, 184 pages

10“Winter is over. I used to love spring. But when you’re dead, and trying not to rot too fast, the last thing you look forward to is warm air and sunshine.”

Nathan Abercrombie used to be a regular boy. But when he was doused with a potion that turned him into a zombie, his life changed. BUM (the Bureau of Useful Misadventures) approached Nathan and offered him a deal. If he would be the world’s first zombie spy, they would give him the cure to turn him back to a regular fifth grader. Since then he has had one adventure after another. Author David Lubar brings his much beloved series to an end in Enter the Zombie. But don’t worry. Nathan has quite an entertaining time. His advisor Mr. Murphy knows that RABID (Raise Anarchy by Inciting Disorder) is hosting a contest to select future agents. This year the Brainy Brawny Competition is testing the academic and athletic skills of students across the nation. Mr. Murphy wants Nathan, Abigail, and Mookie to apply, win, and infiltrate the evil group. But Nathan is dealing with personal issues. He is close to finding a cure. Using it may mean he is no longer needed as a BUM spy. What will he choose? Enjoy the humor and fun this book offers. It is a perfect level for middle school readers and zombie fans!

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin