By Jean Johnson, Berkley Publishing Group, $15.00, 342 pages

10Finding Destiny is a companion book to Jean Johnson’s popular Sons of Destiny series. Finding Destiny is a compilation of four novellas that are set in the fictional lands of Sundara, Guildara, Aurul, and the Jenodan Isles. Each story plays to the next with characters beginning in one story and showing up throughout.

What a reader will find in Finding Destiny are four tales of pure romance. Each story features a strong powerful female that knows what she wants and knows how to get it, and a male that is strong in his own right and happy to support his chosen mate. Finding Destiny features relationships that are formed quickly and are steadfast.

What the stories in Finding Destiny lack, are any type of ordeal or adversary to create a feeling of adventure or excitement. Each romance is strictly that, a romance, with no other mystery or drama thrown in. Not to say it is bad, on the contrary, the relationships are well thought out and wonderfully new and exciting. The characters and the world they live in are truly unique. For mystery and adventure look elsewhere but for a calm purely romantic read Finding Destiny is sure to please.

Reviewed by Rebecca Feuerbacher