by Patrick Carman

Scholastic, $16.99, 261 pages

Floors is a captivating tale about a young boy named Leo who is the son of maintenance man and a friend of the owner of the Whippet Hotel, Merganzer Whippet. When Merganzer disappears for one hundred days, it’s up to Leo and his newest friend Remi, the young doorman to save the hotel from the evil real estate owner Bernard and his limo driver Milton.

Typical of a Disney movie, readers are introduced to the wackiest characters; a rich oil tycoon’s snobby daughter, a not-too famous author, a crazy captain, a perfectly evil manager, and a mysterious man following the two boys on their adventure. The Hotel itself is also madcap with flying animals, huge puzzle rooms and many more fantastical and adventurous accommodations.

The humor in this book is built for kids keeping them engaged and laughing throughout the story. This book is a good, family-friendly comedy that many will enjoy for years to come. This reviewer is looking forward to the next exciting tale from author Patrick Carmen!

Reviewed by Leona Johnson