By Tim Gunn, Gallery Books, $23.99, 258 pages

10“Make it work!”

“Make it work!” If you have watched the hit television show; Project Runway, you are very familiar with these three words. Tim Gunn is a fashion consultant, professor of design, and TV personality. “Make it work” is his motto. As a mentor on model Heidi Klum’s reality show, he gives advice to up-and-coming designers. Now you can read his words of wisdom in Gunn’s Golden Rules: Life’s Little Lessons for Making it Work. While most of us do not design clothes, we do make decisions that weave the fabric of our lives. Gunn provides readers with 18 tips you can follow. They range from large things you can do to small acts of kindness that will make your life brighter. This unconventional rule book is very entertaining. Gunn’s private stories add a personal touch and make this reality star feel more real. He addresses topics including manners, bullying, relationships, and fashion (of course!). The book presents a side of Gunn rarely seen. He also shares many great stories about what life is like in the world of high fashion. You will smile and laugh while reading them and be inspired to make your life work.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin