by  Gordon Livingston, M.D.

Da Capo Lifelong Books, $14.00, 205 pages

In the digital age, we’re bombarded by images of falling in love, but far too little time is devoted to keeping love alive. After all, once the romance is over, love is boring. In How to Love author and Medical Doctor, Gordon Livingston provides a guide on who to, and who not to, love, since we are defined by those we associate with.

Livingston explores the dynamics of troubled personalities and asks why statistically people have a hard time staying married or enjoying happy relationships. From the anxious type to the narcissist, Livingston examines the negative traits in all our personalities that can lead to disharmony and discord, and the list is extensive. But knowing our weaknesses acts as strength. He emphasizes how important it is to communicate in a relationship and how much more important it is to listen. Then he lists the virtues to look for in people we intend to spend our lives with, either romantically or otherwise. These virtues encompass Kindness, Optimism, Courage, Loyalty, Tolerance, Honesty, Beauty, Humor, Flexibility, and Intelligence. These qualities will help us build strong, healthy relationships in an age where quantity of communication far exceeds quality.

Reviewed by Axie Barclay