by Pam Smallcomb, Illustrated by Robert Weinstock

Schwartz & Wade, $15.99, 32 pages

Sometimes in their lives, most people doubt whether or not they are good enough. Pam Smallcomb has written a refreshing book entitled I’m Not that deals with these feelings. It is a children’s book that has messages for both kids and parents. It teaches us that we do not have to be the best at everything to be a good person. Robert Weinstock’s illustrations are hilarious. Look for Shy Croc’s pet worm that appears in funny outfits throughout the book. Shy Croc is the narrator of the story. She doubts herself because her friend Evelyn can do lots of things she can’t do. Evelyn is a circus performer, an artist, an arctic explorer, a snappy dresser, and a fast roller skater! But Shy Croc is not. Evelyn notices that her friend is sad. She shows her all the things she can do that Evelyn isn’t so good at. Shy Croc realizes that she is a great speller, bakes tasty cookies, isn’t afraid of the dark, and has a strong karate kick. But most of all, she is a true-blue best friend who stands by Evelyn through thick and thin. Being a good friend is the best thing you can be.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin