By Melita Morales, Laura J. Bryant, Illustrator, Tricycle Press, $15.99, 30 pages

10What do a little girl and a bee have in common? In Jam & Honey, a new picture book by Melita Morales, a girl and a bee both need to collect things at the park. The story is told from the point of view of the girl first. In wonderful rhyming prose, she tells us that she needs to pick berries to make jam. But the bees scare her. The book creatively addresses this common childhood fear. As she finishes collecting and starts counting (and snacking), she comes face to face with a honeybee. What will she do?

The illustrations by Laura J. Bryant are whimsical and soothing. Kids will love the second half of the book when the bee takes over the narration. It is the same day and he needs nectar to take back to his honeycomb. But the girl scares him and suddenly they are face to face! What will happen to the little girl and the bee? Will they learn the very important lesson that we can all learn to live peacefully with others? Enjoy this sweet story. Have some jam and honey near you because you’ll be craving it!

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin