By Thierry Jousse, Phaidon Press, $9.95, 104 pages

10David Lynch, the master of the avant garde and abstract motion picture. His works might not be the most successful commercially, or even seen by that many people. But they gain a cult following and a notoriety that keeps him in the mainstream. David Lynch is far from the Hollywood mainstream. He makes films the way he wants to, he plays with sound, voice, music and plot. His works do not follow the standard plot format, one his famous works Twin Peaks has become a cult favorite; at times it defies conventional plot and logic. Every major film and television series gets a couple of pages, just something to get the reader into his universe. He is given his dues in this book, and like the others in the series, it serves as an introduction and it does it well. It gives you the highlights of his career, and provides a base for the reader to further explore the movies of David Lynch. A good introduction for a man who pushed the boundaries of what was possible.

Reviewed by Kevin Winter