by Freda Warrington

Tor Forge, $27.99, 412 pages

When Gill Sharma rents a cottage at a manor owned by famous sculptor Juliana Flagg, she wants nothing more to be left alone and quiet. Her peace is shattered, though, after she stumbles into the village Boundary, a place that seemingly doesn’t really exist. She is followed back from Boundary by a traumatized man, Adam, and is subsequently drawn into the mystery of the house and of the owner, Juliana. The more she learns, the more Gill finds herself and everyone else in danger.

Midsummer Night is a mesmerizing novel that immediately captivates the reader. The author expertly balances mystery, fantasy and character story – a mix that could have been disastrous in the wrong hands. She takes her time in building up the atmosphere and creates an increasing sense of doom and disquiet for both the characters and the readers as the book progresses. The characters are complex and well-written; their interactions with each other feel real and genuine. The fantasy mythology that she creates is interesting and also blends well with the manor setting and general sense of timelessness that is present throughout the book. This was a wonderful novel that will delight fantasy fans.

Reviewed by Barbara Cothern