By Larry Correla, Baen Books, $7.99, 648 pages

10In a company like Monster Hunter International, you become employee of the month if you save the world. Winning the coveted title means you probably killed dozens of vampires, gargoyles, demons, and wights, faced the brink of death several times, and earned the respect of Monster Hunters worldwide – all in a day’s work. Author Larry Correia has taken the sci-fi/fantasy genre to the next level with his fantastic Monster Hunter series. Monster Hunter International introduces readers to Owen and the MHI organization. After he survives a savage werewolf attack, Owen is recruited into the premier monster eradication company. Read it first to get the entire back story of Owen and MHI before enjoying Monster Hunter Vendetta. Now a necromancer is hunting the Hunters, there’s a spy in MHI, and the feds want to use Owen as bait to draw out members of an evil death cult.

The fast-paced sci-fi/fantasy extravaganza will leave you breathless. Each book feels like 3 in 1. Correia’s complex plots and character development will not cease to amaze readers. Correia easily incorporates technical weapon terminology. It’s clear that he’s done his research and is extremely knowledgeable and is passionate about the subject. Two thumbs (or two tentacles) up!

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin