By Twenty-Six Writers, Touchstone, $24.99, 256 pages

10One novel and 26 authors. The mystery begins with the death of a San Francisco museum curator, Christopher Thomas, who is found dead in a Berlin museum – locked in an iron maiden that had been recently returned from San Francisco. His wife, Rosemary is the prime suspect and is subsequently tried, found guilty and executed. Ten years later, the case is opened again. A memorial tribute is planned for Rosemary by her closest friend and the detective that worked her case. Was Rosemary really guilty? Had the wrong person been executed for the murder of Christopher Thomas?

The premise is intriguing by itself, and the story is riveting. The reader is swept along with the current of the story and it twists and turns as it flows to the finale. Each author gives their own voice to the characters in a manner that gives the story a profound poignancy. The twists and turns of the story keeps the reader guessing to the final page. A must-read for the mystery fan!

Reviewed by Denise McMillian