By Caroline Leavitt, Algonquin Books, $13.95, 335 pages

10Three people are thrown together in grief after a terrible accident. Each character is left with an anguish that is unique to them and emotions are explored from each point of view. Pictures of You has all the makings of an incredible story. Minus the credible.

The first part of the book is absorbing. You’re always wanting a little more from the characters and that keeps you turning the pages. But good things do not always come to those who wait. The unlikely relationship between Charlie and Isabelle comes with all the predictable complications, and waters-down the story. The latter half of the book drones on like a made-for-TV movie. Things happen without enough supporting details to make it believable and conversations in the book leave too many questions that are never answered.

Sam’s character is well developed and, part of the reason you keep reading is out of concern for him. Perhaps if the author had kept up the writing style shown in the beginning, the book would have felt complete. After reading the praise on the back cover, this reviewer was convinced this would be a great read, but was sadly disappointed.

Reviewed by Alicea Swett