by Marco Signore, Illustrated by Matteo Bacchin

Abbeville Kids, $15.95, 64 pages

Dinosaurs remain one of the most popular subjects to learn about and study. The last book in the Dinosaur series, T. Rex and the Great Extinction takes place at the end of the Cretaceous period and a ravenous Tyrannosaurus is on the hunt. He comes upon a Triceratops and an epic battle of life and death ensues.

Written and illustrated by Matteo Bacchin, the book introduces T. Rex, king of the dinosaurs. Winter is getting colder and prey is scarcer. By using his incredible sense of smell, T. Rex hunts a Triceratops. The battle is brutal, but in the end only one dinosaur can survive another day. Kids reading in comic form absorb more information than they realize. The second part of the book has essays written by Marco Signore that reinforce what was introduced in the comic. Several extinction theories are presented. Readers will enjoy the brilliant photographs. The included glossary defines new terms. If readers like this book, they should check out the rest of the series. Don’t be surprised if your child becomes a budding paleontologist. Get ready to start digging!

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin