by Dan Millman

New World Library, $17.00, 144 pages

This is Dan Millman’s 17th book on the subject of successful and enlightened living. The first was Way of the Peaceful Warrior, which was also made into a movie in 2006. His books have been translated into twenty-nine languages.

Millman refers back to his previous works in this book, and yet it is very clearly new material. He says: “I wrote The Four Purposes of Life to offer perspective and encouragement for anyone asking deeper insight into themselves and their lives….”. The four purposes in detail are:  Learning Life’s Lessons–Smarten Up, Grow Up, Wake Up; Finding Your Career and Calling–Choose Satisfying Work, Earn a Good Living, Provide a Useful Service; Discovering Your Life Path–Understand Your Hidden Calling, Follow Your Higher Potential; and, Attending to This Arising Moment–Pay Close Attention, Make Each Moment Count. In the author’s own words: “The four purposes not only lend meaning to our lives; they also provide the foundation for this great spiritual purpose: the quest for illumination.” This reviewer highly recommends The Four Purposes of Life to anyone whose interests tend in this direction.

Reviewed by Rosalie West