By Rebecca Dean, Broadway Publishing, $14.99, 400 pages

10“Grounded in rich historical detail and research and brimming with delicious drama and the sweet promise of first love.”

Seventeen year old Prince Edward, heir to the throne of England, is heading home from Naval College in his newly acquired automobile with his trusty equerry when he takes a turn too wide and hits a young lady on a bicycle. After assessing her condition and seeing that she has only minor scratches, the prince offers to drive her home, where he meets her three sisters and grandfather. Prince Edward, never being among “non-royals” falls in love with the easygoing, relaxed family atmosphere of their home. He also immediately falls in love with one of the sisters and finds excuses to keep returning to their humble home where romance blossoms. But Prince Edward is often reminded by his controlling father that royals never marry “non-royals.”

Author Rebecca Dean artfully mixes fact and fiction to tell a story of first love, romance and betrayal. The Golden Prince captures the reader with the unfolding tale of the lives of four sisters and their uniquely different personalities during the era of women’s suffrage. This is a wonderful story that readers will enjoy while learning what life was like during this period in time.

Reviewed by Ginger Williams