by Marc Allen

New World Library, $12.95, 121 pages

This book could constitute, perhaps in two parts, presentations at any New Age or Metaphysical church service such as, for one example, a Unity Church. The two core subjects, highly elaborated, are the Law of Attraction; how to make it more personally effective, and that Universal Love and cooperation is the ultimate achievement humans must attain. What is the greatest secret of all? The author gives several definitions. The layout seems a bit incoherent, and the content could be described as New Age Fluffy Bunny, meaning that it is a feel-good book more than one of concise substance. His presentation might be more convincing if he acknowledged the Law of Attraction is more of an influence than an absolute in the process of personal creation. As the old saying goes: Man supposes and God disposes. In fact, things do not always work out so our dreams can come true. Author Marc Allen is a popular speaker and seminar leader based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He also writes New Age music.

Reviewed by Rosalie West