by Richard Yancey

Minotaur Books, $24.99, 240 pages

The Highly Effective Detective Crosses the Line is the fourth in the series and begins with a PI who isn’t exactly a PI—he lost his license. Private Investigator Teddy Ruzak skates on the edge of the rules with his ex-secretary Felicia, now the boss. He takes on what begins as a simple bodyguard job…watching an old friend’s daughter when her violent ex-boyfriend gets out of jail. But it soon becomes evident, even to Ruzak, that there’s more to this than just a violent ex-boyfriend. Can he protect the girlfriend from the ex-con? Can he protect his old friend from himself? Can he protect himself from the scary people also looking for the ex-con?

Since this book is told in first person readers get an insider’s view of what Ruzak’s thinking (mostly worrying about) as he attempts to unravel this problem without getting himself or anyone else killed. Ruzak seems like a college professor suddenly thrust in the role of PI. This book will grab your attention from beginning until end simply because Ruzak isn’t your cookie cutter hero. You keep reading to find out what Ruzak will do next.

Reviewed by Jodi M. Webb