by Corey Pung

eBook, $6.99, 121 pages

Short story collections allow readers a glimpse into different parts of a writer. Author Corey Pung demonstrates his creative and unique talents in his new book The Madness of Art: Short Stories. The collection is split into two sections. “The Art of Madness” (part 1) consists of three stories. “The Madness of Art” (part 2) includes five stories.

Like many collections, there are hits and misses. The writing splits right down the middle. The first three tales earn 5/5 stars and the rest are more traditional stories.

Sci-fi and fantasy fans will enjoy Creation Redux which highlight Pung’s unique style. As readers formulate questions, the characters echo similar thoughts as to why were they created. The story that unfolds is quite magical. The man and woman gain awareness. They make up their own creation stories. The biggest surprise is what they discover in the process. The man and woman create music, drawing, consequences, dance, and most importantly, identity. The writing is poetic. It is a beautiful piece.

The collection as a whole addresses art. What is art? How does it change our lives? Is there art in madness or madness in art? But the author literally uses art in The Scream which features the life of a howling man made famous by Edvard Munch. Notice the moment you realize the writing is about the man painted in a picture. Many know the story of how thieves stole The Scream. Consider what it would be like to live inside a frame. Would you scream too?

Readers will feel rewarded after finishing this collection. Pung cares about art and what it adds to society. Help celebrate art, individuality, culture and a diverse society by picking up a copy of his book.

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