By Jennifer Lee, New World Library, $19.95, 240 pages

10“In this book, you get to make best business buddies with your artistic, visionary right brain.”

Designed for the specific audience of entrepreneurials at every level from beginner to seasoned business owner, this book offers a unique insight into writing the dreaded business plan to help them set attainable goals and grow their business. Left-brainers know that numbers are the key to success, but author Jennifer Lee rescues the right-brainers and gives hope for a meaningful and successful business plan. The Right-Brain Business Plan: A Creative, Visual Map for Success offers quick tips, new ideas, success stories, pictures and cool facts to assist owners in setting up their business for solid, achievable accomplishments. In fact, every page has visually pleasing diagrams or photos or successes in colorful boxes to keep the right-brain entertained while the left side absorbs the useful information. Every business needs a business plan to be successful but so many go unwritten because of the daunting task it is to document cost analysis, financial statements, cash flow and balance sheets. If you are a business owner, Lee offers a new approach to the necessary process that will liven up your thinking and give you the edge your business needs.

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson,