by Peter Orullian

Tor Forge, $27.99, 670 pages

If you are looking for the next greatest epic fantasy series, look no further than The Unremembered.  Abandoned by the gods as a lost cause thousands of years ago, the world of man is protected from the mysterious evil (called The Quiet) by a magical veil. Desperate to save the world, Vendanj, from the Order of Sheason, enlists Tahn, a hunter from a small town, who has an exceptional power and use of the Will. Tahn embarks on a journey that will change his life and affect the course of his world forever.

Peter Orullian has created a thrilling world with this novel. He ably balances the story between the personal one of Tahn and his companions with the larger picture of the world and political situations.  He does a great job with character development in showing their mistakes and changes as they grow.  One particularly nice aspect of the novel is that the reader is kept in the dark about the secrets related to Tahn and his powers, which helps build the suspense and atmosphere. This is a long book but worth the time – fans of fantasy will not be disappointed.

Reviewed by Barbara Cothern