by Violet Blue

Viva Editions, $12.95, 186 pages

Do you want to learn the tools of the flirting trade? Violet Blue, author of Total Flirt, believes that flirting is a skill that every woman can learn. According to Violet, there are two ways to flirt: 1) for fun, and 2) with intent. This guide aims to get you away from fun flirting and into Flirt Mode with goals.

Take the Flirt Style Quiz to discover your flirting style. First impressions, entrances, and opening conversations are opportunities that Blue says can’t be wasted. Body language is key. Learn the Flirt Mode stance. Blue dishes out confidence cures for every girl. Symptom: Shyness. Cure: Have an indulgence party with girlfriends (ice cream, compliments, and Glee). Having a planned approach while flirting is a good strategy. Blue lists opening lines for every situation. At a party: Did I need an invitation? At the bar: When do the flamenco dancers arrive? Read tips on how to flirt online and how to read his body language to know if he’s interested.

Is this book a bit silly? Yes. Did I pick up some new tips on how to better interact with someone I’m attracted to? You bet.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin