10I feel like we got cheated out of a warm summer this year. In fact, I’ve been complaining about it to anyone who would listen. Why do we complain about the weather? We can’t change it. If we moved away, we’d only discover different weather to complain about; perhaps it is just human nature. It occurred to me as I was strolling through Saturday Market, that it’s been a perfect Portland summer. Overcast, but warm enough to wear short sleeves and not carry a jacket with a few hot days thrown in here and there. We Portlanders have a farmer’s market to go to any day of the week, not to mention the garlic festival, the air show, county fairs and the State fair. We have rivers and lakes to play in, wineries and breweries, dog parks, bike runs and walkathons to attend. I would like to applaud my sister-in-law, Liz Church. She just completed her first triathlon at Blue Lake Park this summer. The weather was, again, overcast but warm, perfect weather for such an arduous feat. Congratulations Lizzie! I’m so proud of you, and all that you’ve accomplished in your life!

As fall approaches, we are still blessed with mild weather, hopefully even an Indian summer to enjoy all the outdoor activities our beautiful cities provide for us. What could be better? We have all of the seasonal fun that fall brings; the Friend’s Library Book Sale (page one), Wordstock (page 8), harvest parties, pumpkin patches, back to school and … [insert fun fall activity here]. There’s so much more to look forward to. With the season changes comes other activities like, getting your storm windows replaced from Aloha Glass (page 15) or buying books at Bearly Read Books (page 7), attending Wordstock in October (page 8), getting new furniture, especially that bookshelf you’ve always wanted from Murphy’s Furniture (page 2) or getting back to the dentist at Rose City Dentist (page 16). Yes, I’m shamelessly plugging our advertisers. Without them, there would be no us.

No matter what the weather, we are the luckiest people in the country with so much to offer its residents and travelers. So, get out there! Enjoy the city and merchants and don’t forget to tell them you saw their ad in Portland Book Review!

Readers Unite!

10M. Chris Johnson