by Stephanie Grace Whitson

Bethany House, $14.99, 334 pages

Fannie Rousseau, a sheltered young woman, is thrown into unfortunate circumstances when her father and mother die within months of each other.  She finds out rather quickly that her life of privilege is about to end when finances are not what they once were. As Fannie is going through her mother’s desk she finds a beautiful amethyst ring and 20 letters from her Aunt Edie. Alas, the journey begins to wild Montana in the 1860’s to find answers. Aboard a steamboat, she meets handsome Samuel Beck, who is on his own crusade for his sister Emma. They are thrown together by a mutual attraction, as well as, support and comfort since wild Montana is no place for an unescorted, naïve young woman. Many tests and challenges occur as the story unwinds to a satisfying ending.

This reviewer typically does not read Christian literature but Whitson writes an engaging piece that immerses the reader in Wild 1860’s Montana coupled with mysterious characters uncovering past lives. The Bible verses inserted throughout the story were not bothersome. Whitson writes in an engaging, easy style that makes the reader want more.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff