By The Bureau Chiefs, Three Rivers Press, $13.00, 253 pages

10Attention journalists, reporters, and consumers of the written word! Write More Good is an utterly useless but fabulously entertaining comprehensive guide to everything that is bad and funny about modern media. Part dictionary, part journalism textbook, and part grammar and writing manual, this book is guaranteed to get you fired if you do actually use this as a writing resource. Do you have a deadline looming? Just fill in the blanks of the provided five paragraph essay and you’ll e done in no time. Learn how to cover award season (who got snubbed, who wore what, and who attended the best after party). Make sure you know how to conduct a dynamic celebrity interview (never dress nicer than the person you are interviewing in order to reinforce their innate sense of superiority, inquire in detail about the celebrity’s phobias by using live animals or color photos of that phobia, and ask rhetorical questions like “If you could choose three figures from history to help you battle an army of ghosts, who would you choose?”). Although intended as a parody, readers will find many amusing truths about the world of media within the pages of Write More Good.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin