Edited by Fine Home Building

The Taunton Press, $24.95, 248 pages

Deck building is one of the most popular residential projects. Have you considered building one? Do you already have a deck that needs help? If you are thinking about undertaking a deck project this year there is a wonderful book that is sure to become as useful as your most valuable tool. Building Decks is an informative and well written collection of articles straight from the pages of Fine Homebuilding. The editors of the magazine picked the essays of the best builders in America and now they are available to readers everywhere. If readers are interested in building a deck from scratch, Parts 1,2 and 5 will be the most informative. The 300 full-color photos and 75 drawings that accompany the easy to read hints and instructions are inspiring. If readers plan to focus on specific parts of a deck, including railings, stairs, borders, lighting and weatherproofing, check out Parts 3 and 4. The articles also cover deck design, construction and pros and cons of using the newest material available. Readers will also find updated information on the recent changes to building codes. Get this book and get started. You’ll be enjoying your deck in no time.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin